Customer Service Is Everything


Car Repairs 6 Monthly Service

   From an NRMA approved repairer mechanic

  Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs mechanic

We are a three minute walk away from Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs Railway Station see map below. 
Mothers you can bring in after school drop off. Pick up in time for school pickup
24/7 drop off and pickup facilities avaiable 
City workers. Drop on way to work. Pick it up on the way home.
You don’t have a logbook. We will provide one at no charge.
                                Visa. MasterCard. American Express. EFT.
Modern cars especially the European vehicles are using unique oils specified by their makers.
Unless the correct oil is used by the mechanic the warranty would be voided.
The object of regular servicing is to maintain your car in good running order as long as possible.

As you see we have all the specialized test equipment to assist our mechanics in diagnosing your vehicle's problems. Our mechanics are dedicated to life long learning to keep up with the latest technologies.