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Motor Mechanics qualified and NSW licenced seeking employment, a rewarding job?

Automotive Technician looking for a job

 We require a motor mechanic. Ideally if you are conversant with modern scan tools. Are you seeking to improve your your job working conditions in Sydney Eastern Suburbs.

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 We have ongoing training in all aspects of the job. Both in house, trade lectures in Sydney and Interstate. Every two years Gil takes two mechanics to the USA for high level technical training. You must be dedicated to life long learning. Employment here is not just job after job after job. Your job satisfaction is important to us. The mechanics / technicians we employ need to enjoy what they do and have a high degree of self respect for the work they do.


 Do you seek job security, a five (5) day per week job in an NRMA approved mechanical workshop? One mechanic has been with us since Gil bought the business 22 years ago, another two mechanics about 12 years and our newest mechanic only 6 years.

   Please browse the rest of our web site and you will see that we dedicated to customer satisfaction. 


New to Australia and able work in NSW, qualified in your home country but not qualified in NSW as a motor mechanic? We have helped many touring backpackers gain their NSW motor mechanic's licence. Contact us before you leave home will will tell what documentation to bring with you to become a NSW licenced motor mechanic.  Email :


 Are you a 3rd or 4th year apprentice motor mechanic and think you are really good a what you do?

Are you being paid award wages only and feel that you are worth more? Apply for an interview.Please attach all relevant information and Current CV

If you think you already know it all, don't waste your time!

Our team holding a selection of scan tools

Seeking a job? Seek no more if you are a special motor mechanic