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Exhaust systems and Mufflers

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A bad muffler is noisy , and bad for the environment  and your health.
One of the purpose of the exhaust pipes are to remove the harmful gases from entering the cabin. A leaking exhaust can cause carbon monoxide to enter the cabin. When breathing in Carbon monoxide , it travels to your blood stream  steals 1 oxygen molecule and becomes carbon dioxide , you become short of breathe and can fall asleep at the wheel.
In extreme situations people have died in their sleep in vehicles with leaking exhausts.
Exhaust and Muffler Warranty
Muffler Mild steel
2 Years
Stainless Steel
10 years
Let us inspect your vehicle’s exhaust system.
The exhaust system starts at the engine manifold continues on through the muffler to the catalytic converter and out the tail pipe.
On the way from the engine to the tailpipe it is held in place by metal and rubber supports. The rattle you are hearing might just be a broken support.
Oxygen sensors are found in the exhaust system and have a profound effect on the performance of your engine. A leaking exhaust could cause incorrect information being fed to the car's on board computer.
Catalytic converters  , purpose to reduce emissions
Oxygen sensors before and after the converter are to protect the catalytic converter
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