Customer Service Is Everything

 Having serviced and repaired 3230 Honda's since 1989 we are thoroughly familiar with the common issues which saves us time and you money

Mothers you can bring in after school drop off. Pick up in time for school pickup
24/7 drop off and pickup facilities available 
City workers. Drop on way to work. Pick it up on the way home.
You don’t have a logbook. We will provide one at no charge.
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I personally supervise every single job. After the initial inspection I contact you in regard to any issues your car might have. We will discuss the issues and your options. There will be no nasty surprises at the end of the day.

We have computerised scan tools to communicate with the Ford models we service & repair.

Your service starts when we take your car for an initial test drive.

Phone 0414308199 or 02 93898224 

  • During the test drive your steering, suspension, brakes, engine and transmission are all assessed. 
  • It is then brought into the workshop and raised onto a hoist. 
  • While the engine and oil are still hot the oil filter is removed and the oil drained. 
  • Both the contaminated oil and filter are disposed of to licensed recycle-rs.  
  • While the oil is draining the underside of the engine bay is inspected. 
  • The covers and splash trays are removed to gain access to the engine and transmission to inspect for leaks and wear. 
  • The steering and suspension are checked for wear and free play tolerances. To inspect the brake system fully the wheels are removed and the brake fluid tested for excess moisture. 
  • Different coolants in the radiator require different tests, hydrometer, refract meter of litmus. 
  • The manufacturer's specified oil is replaced in the engine. 
  • All other fluids are tested and topped up as required. 
  • Both engine and cabin air filters are checked and cleaned if possible. 
  • The battery is tested and the battery contacts are cleaned and coated with anti corrosion protection. 
  • The windscreen wipers and washer system is checked and the wiper fluid topped up. 
  • Where appropriate our computer scanners are connected to your car's computer to establish if there are any fault codes stored in the car's on board computers. 
  • These are analysed and noted for appropriate action . 
  • The dashboard service lights are reset. All door, bonnet and boot hinges are lubricated with white lithium grease. 
  • The horn and all the lights are checked and the headlights aligned. Any issues noted will be reported to you with a hierarchy of urgency. 
  • Should any defects be noted which should be taken back to a dealership for "no charge" warranty repairs. 
  • I will inform you of these and will coach you how to bring these to the attention of the dealership. 
  • Should your rego be due within the next few months I will bring this to your attention and offer to do it for you while the car is with us, this so that you don't have the inconvenience of bring the car back to us just for the pink slip.
  • Phone 0414308199 or 02 93898224


Phone 02 9389-8224 to book your car in.

Three minutes walk from Bondi Junction Railway station
We Open at 8.00am and close at 6.00pm.
All services are completed on the same day.
Call us to book an appointment

Need to drop off before 8.00am or Pick up after 6.00pm No Problem we can arrange this

Coming from Vaucluse, Rose Bay
Head up Old South Head Road towards Bondi Junction.
At Edgecliff Road turn right, proceed down until Reddam School on your left and Holy Cross on your right.
We are the Yellow building on your right.

Coming from
Double Bay, Darling Point, Point Piper, Bellevue Hill, Woollahra.
Head up Bathurst Street, Turn left at the round-about, through three sets of traffic lights.
We are the Yellow building on your left.

Coming from
Randwick, Coogee, Clovelly, Waverley, Queens Park.
Head up Newland Street through Bondi Junction pass under the express way until you meet with Edgecliff Road round-about.
Turn right, proceed through two round-abouts and three sets of traffic lights.
We are the Yellow building on your Left.ilding on your left.

Coming from
Paddington, Kings Cross, Darling Point Rushcutters Bay, Elizabeth Bay.
With the city behind you proceed along Oxford Rd. until you reach the mall in Bondi Junction. Turn left into Grosvenor Rd. At the second traffic light turn right into Edgecliff Street.
Pass through two traffic lights,
We are the yellow building in your left

Eastern Suburbs We Service
Bellevue Hill
Bondi Beach
Bondi Junction
Elizabeth Bay
Darling Point
Dover Heights
Kings Cross
North Bondi
Point Piper
Queens Park
Rushcutters Bay
Watson's Bay

As an Authorised vehicle service provider, using genuine parts while under warranty, we uphold you manufacturer's warranty. We stamp your log book as required by the manufacturers.

Not got a log book? We can supply you with one free!

Some Ford's use special lubrication oils, transmission fluids, super charger fluids, power steering fluids we have them all in stock. It 

Ford car service and repair Bondi Junction Eastern Suburbs NRMA approved repairer. 

Do you love our Ford? Bring it to us in Bondi Junction for a service, we love Ford too!

Log Book services - We keep Ford your log book up to date

This is what we do when we service your Ford
Items below that we check, replace, top up, and report on





 Service Test Drive  Check for Abnormal Noises
 Initial Start up
 Check for Abnormal Noises
 Starting Ease
 Check or Sluggish Starter Motor
 Idle Speed
 Check too Fast or too Slow
 Engine Sound in Park
 Check for Abnormal Noises
 Engine Sound in Gear
 Check for Abnormal Noises
 Abnormal Noises
 Comment If Not Normal
 Brake Pedal Operation
 Pressure and Travel
 Light Braking
 Braking Efficiency  Noise, Vibration
 Firm Braking
 Braking Efficiency  Noise, Vibration
 Park Brake
 Travel Tension and Hold
 Clutch Pedal Operation
 Pressure and Travel
 Accelerator pedal feel
 Press, Travel and Response
 Steering Operation
 Alignment and Response
 Gear lever operation
 No Excessive Play
 Dash Warning Lights
 Check That Lights Perform Correctly
 Engine Oil Change
 Replace with specified grade
 Engine Oil Filter Change
 Transmission Oil
 Check Condition, If OK Top Up
 Transmission Gasket kit
 Check for Leaks
 Differential Oil
 Check Condition, If OK Top Up
 Transfer Case Oil
 Check Condition, If OK Top Up
 Power Steering Oil
 Check Condition, If OK Top Up
 Brake Fluid
 Check Condition and replace if necessary
 Master Brake Cylinder
 Check for Leaks
 Clutch Master Cylinder
 Check for Leaks
 Radiator Coolant
 Check Condition, If OK Top Up
 Alternator Belt
 Check Condition and Tension
 Air Conditioning Belt
 Check Condition and Tension
 Power Steering Belt
 Check Condition and Tension
 Serpentine Belt
 Check Condition and Tension
 Front Tyres
 Check Pressure Tread and Walls
 Rear Tyres  Check Pressure Tread and Walls
 Spare Tyre
 Check Pressure Tread and Walls
 Battery  Load and Meter Test
Phone 02 9389-8224 or TXT 02 9389-8224 to book your car in.
 Battery Terminals
 Clean and Tighten                
 Washer Fluid
 Fill with Algae Inhibitor and Water
 Indicator Stalk
 Check Operation
 Light Switch
 Check Operation
 Wiper Blade Front
 Check Travel, Contact With Glass
 Front Washer Jets
 Water Hitting Glass Where Required
 Wiper Blades Rear  Check Travel, Contact With Glass
 Rear wash Jets
 Water Hitting Glass Where Required
 Front Head Lights
 Working and Direction Correct
 Front Low Beams
 Working and Direction Correct
 All indicator Flashers
 Check Working Correctly
 Rear Lights
 Check Working Correctly
 Interior Cabin Light
 Check Working Correctly
 Horn  Check Working Correctly
 Accessories  Power Coming to Accessories
 Door Hinges
 Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Service Door Catches  Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Service Door Runners
 Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Service Bonnet Hinges
 Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Service Bonnet Catch
 Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Service Boot Hinges
 Lubricate with Clear Lithium
 Lock Hub Nuts
 Replace, Torque and Peine
 CV Boots
 Intact with no Tears
 Check Drive Shafts
 For Noise Under Load
 Sump Washer
 No Leaks, Replaced each Service
 Oil Pressure Switch
 Check for Leaks
 Rocker Cover Gasket
 Check for Leaks
 Service Light Cancel
 Adjust as Required
Phone 02 9389-8224 or TXT 02 9389-8224 to book your car in.
 Check Pollen Filter
 Is it Clogged or Still uncontaminated
 Key Battery Operation
 Remote Working Change Batt if Needed
 Coolant Level
 Top Up as Required
 Coolant Concentration
 Chemical Concentration, top Up as Needed
 Top Radiator Hose
 Flexibility, Wear, Hose Clamps
 Bottom Radiator Hose
 Flexibility, Wear, Hose Clamps
 Vaccuum Hoses
 Flexibility, Wear, Hose Clamps
 All Other Hoses
 Flexibility, Wear, Hose Clamps
 Thermostat  Test If Overheating
 Thermostat Gasket
 Check for Leaks
 Radiator  Check for Leaks, Fin and Tank Condition
 Radiator Cap
 Remove and Check Seal
 Hose Clamps
 Tight Not Leaking
 Brake Fluid Level
 Check Condition, & replace where necessary
 Brake Fluid condition
 Check Condition, & replace where necessary
 Master Cylinder
 Inspect for Leaks
 Proportioning Valve
 Inspect for Leaks 
 Front Wheel Calipers
 Inspect for Leaks and Operation
 Front Wheel Brake Pads
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Front Wheel Bearings
 Check Free Play & Smooth Operation
 Front Rotors
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Front Flexible Hoses
 Cracks, Bulges and Leaks
 Front Brake Pipes  Check for Rust, Chaffing & Kinks
 Rear Wheel Cylinders
 Inspect for Leaks and Operation
 Rear Brake Shoes
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Rear Wheel Calipers
 Inspect for Leaks and Operation
 Rear Brake Pads
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Rear Bearings
 Check Free Play & Smooth Operation
 Rear Rotors
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Rear Drums
 Check for Normal & Abnormal Wear
 Rear flexible Hoses
 Cracks, Bulges and Leaks
 Rear Brake Pipes
 Check for Rust, Chaffing & Kinks
 Park Brake
 Check Travel and Hold on Hill
 Foot Brake
 Check Travel & Feel
 Brake Pedal Pad
 Check Tread Wear
 Clutch Pedal Pad
 Check Tread Wear
 Brake Light
 Check all Work Correctly
 Grease Hub Seals
 Check for Leaks
 Front Shock Absorbers
 Check Operation and Leaks
 Rear Shock Absorbers
 Check Operation and Leaks
 Sway Bar Front
 Check for Cracks & Witness Marks
 Sway Bar Rear
 Check for Cracks & Witness Marks
 Springs Front
 Check Ride Height
 Springs Rear
 Check Ride Height
 Ball Joints
 Check Free Play & Dust Boots
 Strut Tower Bushes
 Check for Cracks & Witness Marks
 Bump Stops and Boots
 Check if Cracked or Broken
 Rack Boots
 Check if Leaking and or Broken