Customer Service Is Everything


Lost Keys Prevention Service

 Keys cost a fortune to replace
   As a customer service we have instituted a system whereby each and every car in our computer has a unique number.
  This number is on a tag which we attach to your key ring when the car comes in to us for attention.
  Should  you loose your your keys, and some kind person picks them up and either phones us or posts them back to us we will re-unite you with your lost keys.

Under no circumstances will we reveal your details to the finder.

A  reward is posted to the finder. This is at our expense the system is a customer service in which we demonstrate our attitude of going the extra mile.

We are happy to provide tags for other members of your family.


Thus far we have re-united 147 of our customers with their lost keys


In nine cases we found the keys before the person even realised that they had lost them.

In over 70% the finders did not want to accept the reward they say they are only to happy to do the right thing: We insist that they accept the reward and if they really don't want it to contribute it to their favorite charity.

It is nice to have ones faith in human nature renewed.

We send the finder the above certificate with a cheque and a numbered tag for their own use

We have thousands of happy customers and 142 VERY VERY happy customers

We have spare key blanks for many makes and models

Should you have broken or cracked the plastic grip of your key, pop in with it to see whether we can save you heaps.

Phone 02 9389-8224 to book your car in.