Customer Service Is Everything

When you first see it, everything seems just too good to be true.
There’s the great CD player, the lush leather interior and the sharp dashing looks. Best of all, you can afford it. But after you’ve paid for your pre-loved car, there’s a new dawning. With a stack of maintenance to do, you find out the car has some serious baggage, including the outstanding loan of the previous owner. Then the cops turn up on your doorstep asking a few too many questions. What was once in your eyes a great buy has now turned into a monster, all because like many other used car buyers, you didn’t know you needed to get a comprehensive background check before you bought the car.

Check it Out Before you Buy

When buying a used car, especially from a private sale, you need to take your rose-coloured glasses off and get a little street-wise. Get to know what you’re buying through NRMA advice, reviews and inspections. You’ll avoid having loved and lost (mostly cash) and avoid a bitter after-taste through a costly mistake.
What’s it Really Worth?

The market price you should be paying for a used car can be confusing. Do your research so you have the confidence to assess whether the car you’re shopping for is a bargain or not.
To get a specific valuation on a car, based on its actual odometer reading, a standalone Valuation Certificate can help you out. For an average market value on a particular make/model, try SMS CarValues simply by texting the year, make and model of the car (in that order) to 197 82583 at a cost of $3 per vehicle request

Finance Owing

While a Licensed Motor Trader (LMT) must guarantee clear title of a vehicle in their car yard, a private seller does not.

So the implications of not getting a full background check before you buy privately and not through a dealer, could leave you feeling ripped off and heart-broken.
If the owner has a secured loan against the car you are purchasing – guess what? The cAar still belongs to the finance company. Next there’s a knock at your door and they want to take your car away. Bye bye car, hello real life drama. To avoid extra baggage in your life, run a quick check online, to cover yourself you’ll need to download a certificate . This way, it’s in writing.

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