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Oscilloscopes Are Very Important!
  What Can You Do With Oscilloscope?
  Oscilloscopes are used by everyone from television repair technicians to physicists. They are indispensable for anyone repairing electronic equipment. Cars are probably using more sophisticated computers that were used in the space moon landing.
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  Oscilloscopes enable technicians to see, on a screen, changes of electrical frequencies and modulations. Our top of the range scopes allow us see changes which occur within 1/1000th  of a  second and voltages that vary from 1/100th of a volt to 45,000 volts.

  Our scopes are small enough to be used in car while driving, therefore monitoring actual conditions. In addition to monitoring the impulses they also record them, this allows for detailed study back in our workshop.

  Furthermore it is possible to monitor and record more than one circuit at a time. Thus we can compare how an action in one component effects operations in other circuits.
Just as x-rays do not cure patients, so too oscilloscopes  do not fix cars. It takes years of training to become an expert and dedication to life long learning to remain one. Every year motor car technology is changing we recognize that we must understand these changes in order to efficiently and cost effectively maintain your car.

  We also use oscilloscopes to measure engine movements. With the use of appropriate transducers, our oscilloscopes can measure all kinds of phenomena. A transducer creates  electrical signals in response to physical stimuli, such as sound, mechanical stress, pressure, light, or heat.

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