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Visit the government website for detailed checking. Was called REVS check.

Call the National Service Centre (NSC) on 1300 007 777 (1300 00PPSR).


Ask the seller to show you:
A current certificate of registration
A safety check report (pink slip*) that is not more than one month old
Proof that the person selling the car is the owner -- such as a driving licence and sales receipt.
Check that the information on the certificate of registration and safety check report matches the details of the vehicle.
You will need to examine the vehicle and write down the:
Vehicle registration number
The engine number
The vehicle identification number (VIN) or chassis number


If you purchase a vehicle from a private seller who has an outstanding loan attached to the vehicle (this is called an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could lose your money.

If the vehicle is encumbered, you should not purchase it until you are satisfied with the arrangements made by the current owner to repay the debt.

You need to be sure that the registration, engine and Vehicle Identification (VIN/Chassis) numbers on the registration papers are identical to those on the vehicle.   If there are any discrepancies, it would be wise to seek an identification check at an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS), available for a small fee.

*   A white slip is issued if there are repairs needed, which means the vehicle is not fit for registration 

 ** No liability can be accepted on the accuracy of police stolen vehicle information


To check if the registration is still valid, call the RTA in Sydney and Wollongong on 13 2213, or the local Motor Registry.
Registration requirements may differ between States and Territories. If you are thinking of buying an unregistered or interstate registered vehicle that has been significantly modified or is a specialised vehicle, such as a high performance vehicle, you should check with the RTA as to NSW registration requirements.


There is no statutory warranty when you purchase a vehicle from a private seller.  It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check the vehicle thoroughly for any mechanical, exterior or interior damage or defects.  If you are not an expert, you should seriously consider having the vehicle inspected by an independent mechanic or inspection service.


A test drive is important, but BE WARNED, you run the risk of substantial claims being made against you if you have an accident.  Check to see if the vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance before you go for a test drive.


Check that the registration papers relate to the person selling the vehicle and the selling address.
If you decide to purchase the vehicle, ask for a receipt.


After you purchase the vehicle, you must visit a Motor Registry within 14 days to transfer ownership of the vehicle to your name.  You will need:
your proof of purchase at least two forms of identification
and money to pay the stamp duty and transfer fee.
More information is available from the RTA's Customer Service line on 13 2213, in Sydney or Wollongong, or from your local Motor Registry.

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