Customer Service Is Everything

 For Seniors or those who need assistance

 Phone to book in 02 9389-8224
 Air in your tyres OK?
 Water in your radiator OK?
 Oil level in your engine OK?

 In between your regular six monthly services should you be

 concerned about the fluid levels in your engine or the tyre 

 pressures just drive in, you do not need to make an appointment.
The labour to top up the oil water is no charge.


 Pink slip annual checkups

 After passing your car and informing the RTA should you have
 paid the green slip we will pay the RTA for you, using your credit
 card, and remove your last years RTA Label and stick the new
  label onto the window.

Phone to book in 02 9389-8224

 Don't feel up to walking up to the junction?
 Lets us run you up to Westfield.