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Car Service Waverley

Are you searching for a new team of car service experts who know how to treat your car with the respect that it deserves? Thanks to our years of experience and our passion for providing repair and replacement assistance for customers the team at Gil Auto is committed to delivering car service solutions to Waverley motorists and beyond.

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Your service starts when we take your car on a test drive. 

  • During the test drive your steering, suspension, brakes, engine and transmission are all assessed. 
  • It is then brought into the workshop and raised onto a hoist. 
  • While the engine and oil are still hot the oil filter is removed and the oil drained. 
  • Both the contaminated oil and filter are disposed of to licensed recycle-rs.  
  • While the oil is draining the underside of the engine bay is inspected. 
  • The covers and splash trays are removed to gain access to the engine and transmission to inspect for leaks and wear. 
  • The steering and suspension are checked for wear and free play tolerances. 
  • The brake system is inspected and the brake fluid tested electronically for excess moisture. 
  • Different coolants in the radiator require different tests, hydrometer, refract meter of litmus. 
  • The manufacturer's specified oil is replaced in the engine. 
  • All other fluids are tested and topped up as required. 
  • Both engine and cabin air filters are checked and cleaned if possible. 
  • The battery is tested and the battery contacts are cleaned and coated with anti corrosion protection. 
  • The windscreen wipers and washer system is checked and the wiper fluid topped up. 
  • Where appropriate our computer scanners are connected to your car's computer to establish if there are any error messages stored in the car's on board computers. 
  • These are analysed and noted for appropriate action . 
  • The dashboard service lights are reset. 
  • All door, bonnet and boot hinges are lubricated with white lithium grease. 
  • The horn and all the lights are checked and the headlights alignment checked 
  • Any issues noted will be reported to you with a hierarchy of urgency. 
  • You are now in a position to decide when and what repairs to want carried out. 
  • Should any defects be noted which should be taken back to a dealership for "no charge" warranty repairs. 
  • I will inform you of these and will coach you how to bring these to the attention of the dealership. 
  • Should your rego be due within the next few months I will bring this to your attention and offer to do it for you while the car is with us, this so that you don't have the inconvenience of bring the car back to us just for the pink slip. 

Mechanic Waverley

In combination with our comprehensive car servicing solutions Gil Auto is proud to provide our customers with mechanic services of the highest quality. Waverley motorists can turn to our professional, knowledgeable, and passionate mechanics to maintain the safe operation of your vehicle.

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Brake Repair Waverley

At Gil Auto we know how important it is to the safe operation of your car to have brakes that respond in a timely manner to activation by pedal. Our skilled and dedicated team can deliver unmatched brake repair options to Waverley customers. For more information about our knowledge, experience, and commitment contact the team at Gil Auto today.